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Every Step Of The Way.

No matter what your looking for, Contact One is a one-stop-shop for any family purchase. Whether you’re in the market to buy your first home, looking for an investment, a family vacation home, or the ultimate dream home, look no further! At Contact One strive to give you the best service possible. We believe if you work hard for what you want, you deserve to have a place to rest, a place you can call home. We also know that people are not perfect, so we don’t expect perfect credit. We can work with imperfect credit!


/The Story

Behind Contact One.

Contact One was originally founded with just a few employees in one small office. In less than 4 years it became into a leader in the industry with 11 offices and over 125 employees. Contact ONE Realty has been in business since 1999 with offices all over the inland Empire and Los Angeles. After the market crashed in 2008, It was one of a handful surviving the catastrophe, thanks to the great management team and the ethical practices it had developed over the years.

Under the leadership of Carlos Granados Contact One has remained the prefered go to realtor office people in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Orange County has chosen for almost two decades.

Company History
Founded: 1999
Founder: Carlos Granados